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AVP in Ukraine
AVP in Ukraine
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AVP in Ukraine
Our philosophy

The AVP in Ukraine project is an association of volunteers, which is part of the international peacekeeping program Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP).

AVP is a training program. Trainings are not psychotherapeutic, they are of a social and communicative orientation, so people without special education can be the facilitators of the project.

AVP – association of volunteers who have agreed to interact with each other, preserving the values and philosophy of the program, practice consensus in compliance with the rules of the adopted group agreement.

AVP isn’t a part of political, religious and similar associations.

AVP project is independent and can cooperate with other organizations, on the basis of an agreement between the representative organization of AVP GO “Open Circle. Territory of Opportunities ”and an inviting organization for cooperation.

Transformative power

The main beliefs of the AVP project: everywhere in the world and in every person there is a force pushing towards peace, in the project we call it the Transformative Power, it is based on the fact that all people have a source of good in them.

The philosophy of the project is a number of principles: we are all volunteers, we are all teachers and students, we look for good in everyone and talk about it, we value similarities and differences, make decisions together, learn through experience and reflection, this is communication, not psychotherapy or religion …

The spiritual basis of the project is: mutual respect, caring for oneself and others.

The AVP Method is hands-on training that is delivered with a minimum of lectures. It is a search process and an opportunity to share your discoveries. Group processes depend on all workshop participants, not just the facilitators.

The role of the AVP team is to model and guide the self-learning process. The team does not provide answers or advice to the people they work with. Therefore, AVP trainings are not conducted by a trainer, but by a team of three facilitators.

Voluntary participation in the program is a fundamental requirement.